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Event Inspiration: Great Gatsby Theme

JUNE 06, 2016 - written by


If I can go back in time for a short moment it would definitely be during the roaring 1920s. I love this Art Deco era due to the fashion, music, romanticism and the glamorous festivities. I would opt to live the glitzy and glam lifestyle. Every weekend I would sport a different sequin flapper dress adorned with sexy white pearls and attend luxury parties from top metropolitan centers across the country. Can you imagine having the opportunity to live an opulent life during one of the most historical periods in the early 20th century? I can certainly envision it! Well, since you can’t go back in time, doesn’t mean you are prohibited from recreating and celebrating the 1920s! Hence, this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love the recent The Great Gatsby film, based on the 1925 classic novel of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Since the success of this cinematic masterpiece, Great Gatsby theme events are increasingly popular for both weddings and social parties. As an event planner, I personally don’t foresee myself ever getting tired of this chic theme. The options on throwing a grandiose Great Gatsby theme event are endless.  Some of us desire to throw an ultimate ostentatious party to the point Jay Gatsby himself would be honored to attend. However, you can still achieve an extravagant and beautiful Great Gatsby theme event, whether on a large or small scale just by possessing immense amounts of style. The secret is in the details! Here are a few images to provide some inspiration for a Great Gatsby event. Stay tuned this year for a Conceptions Events showcase of this Art Deco style and trend.


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Bonus: At the end of this post check out this awe-inspiring video by I Do Films of a Great Gatsby themed gala held at The Biltmore Estate.



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