Conceptions Events
Conceptions Events

"One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others."

-Lewis Carroll

My wife and I would like to express our sincere, undeniable appreciation and gratitude for a job well done by Conceptions Events for our unique and stylish wedding on October 4th, 2014. Serette and her team delivered extraordinary service that met and exceeded our expectations when planning and executing the wedding that reflected of our style. Her attention to detail helped us secure a talented violinist, which added a unique touch to our overall wedding ceremony. Through Serette's thoughtful and insightful knowledge of event planning, our concerns were eased by her presence at every meeting with the reception venue manager. Serette was able to ask tough questions and handled our logistical challenges such as understanding the detail provisions in our contracts and negotiating with some of our vendors. Serette’s role is far beyond the boundaries of an ordinary event planner. For example, I purchased three stylish bowties and could not decide which of the three I would wear on my wedding day.  Serette quickly suggested wearing all three; one for the pre-wedding photo shoot, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Looking at my wedding pictures and video, one can only appreciate the genius in Serette. Without any doubt or reservation, we would recommend Conceptions Events for any event planning needs. Serette and her team are more than creative event producers- they are highly favored team with gifted minds and hands!

Friday O.

Serette and her team at Conceptions Events planned an elegant and elaborate Bridal shower for me that surpassed my wildest dreams. The day was packed with one surprise after another. My guests and I were picked up by luxury car service to a secret location where we were greeted with a photographer and mimosas in a beautiful venue that looked like a French castle. We had a private cooking lesson by a chef, etiquette session with an etiquette specialist and some of my guests won massages on site. We were all given the VIP treatment throughout the day. Serette even went shopping with my fiancé to help pick out my wardrobe for the day in order to keep the details of the event a surprise for me. The personalized touches were woven in throughout the event, from personalized napkins to the beautiful edible favors. It's been over a year since my bridal shower and some of my family and friends are still talking about it. My bridal shower was the perfect prelude to my wedding thanks to Conception Events. I would recommend Serette and her team for all your event planning needs.

Myriame O.

Our experience with Conceptions Events was great!  We hired Conceptions Events for our wedding and also added the engagement photo shoot styling to our package. Not only did Serette provide us with a great photographer but she also rendered the theme, wardrobe styling, location, and props for our photo shoot! The vision and artistic concepts were impeccable and we were extremely pleased! Knowing that I have a love for animals she was able to get a cute dog that fit the theme perfectly. Conceptions Events came prepared with everything we needed for that day (even water for our outdoor photo shoot!); my fiancé and I felt like world-renowned models and this allowed us to have fun, let loose, and enjoy each other during the shoot.  Within two hours we were able to do two different scenes (casual picnic and an elegant boardwalk stroll).  Serette made sure we had a secure place to change and helped us with our wardrobe and accessories when needed (like help with cufflinks, and necklaces). Our pictures came back within a respectable time and we LOVED them!  We were able to see the clear artistic mind and vision Conceptions Events had for us. If you want a stress free engagement shoot and/or wedding we HIGHLY recommend Conceptions Events!

Vladimir B.

Conceptions Events really made our special day exceptional! Serette flew to Mexico City two days in advance to coordinate the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding. She did not leave any details behind. Throughout the rehearsal, she personally assisted my family members who were not too familiar with wedding ceremony logistics, making it a total success. During the wedding ceremony and reception, Serette jumped into action and was proactive the entire time, relieving the stress a bride can potentially experience on her special day, especially with over 200 guests to keep happy, most of which stayed to enjoy the mariachi band at the end of the reception. In conclusion, our wedding day was absolutely perfect - thanks to Serette, who proved that the language barrier between her and the venue staff was no challenge for her.

Karla & Steven St.

How many event coordinators do you know that assigns a special bridal assistant to her brides, ensures all vendors receive payment in a timely manner, sets reminders for tasks, and provides a detailed checklist? Yes, Serette is your girl! From the moment I got engaged, she was there outlining, drafting and creating a masterpiece for my wedding scheduled on April 30th, 2011. She treated my event as if it was her own. She also developed the theme for our wedding - An Ambiance of a Majestic Love.  Her phenomenal leadership skills enabled her team to operate professionally and consistently. Two days before my wedding she coordinated with her team to convene at her home till midnight to tighten up loose ends and go over every aspect of the wedding. I will never forget the words she encouraged her team with: “This is Berlyne’s day and make sure you do everything in your power to execute every single detail she desires-I believe you can do it.” And that was exactly what her team delivered. They made sure I ate and danced at my wedding.  The décor/centerpiece presentation was exceptional. No price can mount up to the work, effort and dedication Serette poured into my special day to ensure it was magical. I am forever grateful for her leadership, creativity, devotion, and most importantly her friendship!

Berlyne E.

Our wedding took place November 16 2012, two weeks after the devastating Hurricane Sandy. I met our wedding planner, Serette, in July 2012, at a local coffee shop in town. I wish my husband and I hired her at the very beginning of our planning, as she was a delight to work with during those few months. When I met Serette for the first time, she was well-prepared and was able to answer all of my questions and was super enthused to plan our wedding. More importantly she listened and paid attention to all the little details that I wanted to incorporate in our wedding. She made this wedding about us from the very start. She offered different pricing options, depending on how much service we wanted. This was one of the deciding factors for me in choosing to hire Conceptions Events. I selected the Day-of-Coordination package. Throughout the months leading up to the wedding, Serette went above and beyond the services required: meeting me at the wedding venue, nearly 70 miles away, checking in with me on the phone regularly, and holding a very lavish pre-wedding review meeting with me and her team. She went above and beyond in the most lavish and professional way. Her services exceeded our expectations. The day before the wedding, Serette and her team prepped and traveled miles to ensure that hotel accommodation, the church venue, ceremonial venue, and the rehearsal dinner was in order. Furthermore, she prepared a full agenda for everyone in the wedding party to follow, which I found to be really helpful and gave me much needed peace of mind. She followed-up with all our vendors to confirm attendance and addressed any concerns that may have occurred. The wedding day itself was EXACTLY as I hoped it would be. That morning I woke up stress free and I remained stress-free throughout the course of the day. To start, Serette and her team promptly arrived at our hotel room and prepared a lavish continental breakfast spread for the entire wedding party.  Delicious specialty drinks were served around the clock by my “Lady in Waiting” (personal assistant to the bride), to remove any wedding jitters. I truly felt like royalty, more importantly a soon-to-be-Queen. I completely trusted Serette and her team to check everything from coordinating the wedding party, following-up with vendors, and keeping things at a nice smooth pace. I did not feel rushed whatsoever. Our wedding ceremony and reception started ON TIME!!! That never happens in our Haitian culture!! I have Serette and her elite team to thank for their meticulous nature, high level of professionalism, and efficiency. I highly recommend with all of my heart Serette and her team to anyone looking to have a well-organized, elegant, and thoroughly planned wedding.

Guerline P.